Shane Dawson Willow Smith And The Other YouTube Drama.


YouTuber Shane Dawson is always in the news lately, but not for the reasons he wants to be. But offensive statements and videos that Mr. Star and Mr. Dawson posted in previous years are getting renewed attention. The beauty community lives and breathes of the drama of backstabbing friends in order to drive sales and destroy their competition. Marbles had long since pivoted to posting weekly wholesome content about her dog, comedy DIY videos and general chit-chats which viewers tune into for her down-to-earth, approachable and funny persona.

Various people from all walks of life have been cancelled, some multiple times a year. Dawson recently made a statement announcing his exit from the beauty community. Shane and Lauren interview fellow YouTubers Joey Graceffa and Lohanthony. Fellow makeup YouTuber Gabriel Zamora — who you might remember from the YouTube apology fiasco in summer 2018 known as Dramageddon — weighed in on the situation.

Shane Dawson shouldn't be #cancelled, period. Dawson, who has 23 million subscribers on the platform, and is a close friend of Star's, denied the recent claims that he orchestrated” or planned” last year's feud, in a Twitter post which he has since deleted.

Once again, Dawson made an apology video regarding his past - yet many are just not buying it. In the lengthy statement, Shane made it clear although he knew about the video, neither he or Jeffree had anything to do with it and the regret Jeffree has for shawn dawson cancelled the damning tweet.

Dawson was among many stars who recently received and addressed backlash for their past use of blackface and other inappropriate behaviors, including fellow YouTuber Jenna Marbles , a staple of the platform, who announced last Thursday that she'd no longer be making content for her channel.

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